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Reverse Engineering Technology
[ Overview ]

Reverse Engineering Technology

홈 Core Technologies Reverse Engineering Technology Overview

What Is Reverse Engineering Technology?

Reverse engineering dismantles finished product one by one to figure out production process, raw material, size and performance. When there is no sufficient data about the original architect of a product, reverse engineering which include precise measurement and physical/chemical tests can be employed to collect technological information of the product such as size and material.

Process of Reverse Engineering

  1. 3D scan of goods (laser and optical scan)
  2. Scan dataVisualizing the output shape
  3. Casting modeling and product modeling using shape based on 3D program
  4. Analyzing solidification and modifying size after casting
  5. Measuring 3D goods with CMMModeling and comparing and modifying the size
  6. Drawing objects in 2 dimensions

Strengths of 3D Measurement

  1. 01More precise measurement and repeatability are achievable through scanning sensor.
  2. 02More reliable measurement result. Highly precise quality management.
  3. 03Less measurement time with upgraded efficiency.
  4. 04Even geometric shape tolerance is easily measured.

Reverse Engineering Draft Plan

Transition Piece pictureTransition Piece
Combustion Basket pictureCombustor Basket
Vane pictureVane
Combustion Liner pictureCombustion Liner
Shroud Block pictureShroud Block
Bypass Elbow pictureBypass Elbow
Ring Segment pictureRing Segment
SEV Burner pictureSEV Burner