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Vacuum Precision Casting Technology
[ Overview ]

Vacuum Precision Casting Technology

홈 Core Technologies Vacuum Precision Casting Technology Overview

What Is Vacuum Precision Casting Technology?

As casting is implemented in a vacuum state under Vacuum Precision Casting, harmful gases like hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen can be removed to enhance safety and quality of product. This not only prevents impurity and inclusion that are generated when molten metal meets air during welding process, but restricts casting defect caused by moist in the air as well. Also, even if alloying element is included, which is easily oxidized, this prevents potential loss of the alloying element and makes stable alloy composition. Given the precise and complicated nature of the process, it is suitable when mechanical work is not available. In particular, vacuum precision casting is critical for products with high melting point such as blade and vane. (As this type of products is operated under extremely hot temperature, vacuum precision casting technology is needed to enhance the mechanical strength.)

Process Flow of Vacuum Precision Casting

  • 01

    Wax pattern injection

    Develops wax models by injecting wax into mold in accordance with temperature and pressure of each product.

  • 02

    Tree assembly

    Assembles wax models by attaching wax pattern to gate.

  • 03


    Deposits the assembled wax model on slurry and coat with stucco and then dry repeatedly.

  • 04


    By using autoclave equipment, melts wax with steam to get shell(shape).

  • 05


    Applies heat to shell to remove remaining wax and moist on shell before casting. (this improves shell's mechanical strength and permeability)

  • 06


    Pours molten metal into the plasticized shell.

  • 07

    Knockout & cutting

    Removes the casted shell from mold using knock-out device (water jet, etc.) or hammer. Separates casted product using cutting machine.

  • 08

    Heat treatment

    Conducts heat treatment to enhance mechanical property if needed.

Strengths of Vacuum Precision Casting

Among various types of castings, precision casting does not have shape limitation to freely produce complicated shapes or products that are not available for mechanical work. Also, it is cost-effective and possible for mass production.

Types of vacuum precision casting parts

  • GT11NM
  • GT24AB
  • 7FA/7FA+e
  • W501D5
  • M501G
1st Vane Blade 제품사진1st Vane Blade
2nd Vane Blade 제품사진2nd Vane Blade
EV Inner liner 제품사진EV Inner liner
EV Outer liner 제품사진EV Outer liner
SEV Inner liner 제품사진SEV Inner liner
SEV Outer liner 제품사진SEV Outer liner
2nd Shroud block 제품사진2nd Shroud block
3rd Shroud block 제품사진3rd Shroud block
3rd Vane 제품사진3rd Vane
1st Ring segment 제품사진1st Ring segment
2nd Ring segment 제품사진2nd Ring segment
Bypass Elbow제품사진Bypass Elbow