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Powerful step to the future gas turbine total service provider
Gas Turbine high temperature specialty company SUNG-IL TURBINE P&S

Greetings from CEO

Greetings from CEO

홈 Company Overview Greetings from CEO

Since 1997, Sung-Il Turbine P&S has been committed to localize gas turbine production through the development of high-temperature gas turbine component for about 20 years.
Started with the development of high-temperature components for combustion chamber in 1997, we have developed and commercialized all the high-temperature parts for gas turbine from turbine parts such as blade and vane to compressor parts. Through a series of growth and developments for the past 20 years, we have earned capability to respond to the rapidly changing business environment and global trend. In particular, we will continue to work hard to become more active and more advanced company specialized in high-temperature components for gas turbine, and to contribute to the nation's electric power industry.
We appreciate and look forward to your continued support for us. Every employee of Sung-Il Turbine P&S promises that we will do our utmost the based on sincerity, faith, creativity and entrepreneurship for the gas turbine industry's advancement. Thank you.

Sung-Il Turbine P&S CEO

Sincerity : Top-Class Product

Products Made with Sincerity

SUNG-IL Turbine P&S manufactures GT hot gas path parts with our full sincerity based on the competitive technology and experience which enabled us to succeed in the localization and commercialization of combustor and turbine parts.

Faith : Customer Satisfaction

Technology that builds trust

SUNG-IL Turbine P&S is equipped with every technology related to the production of GT hot gas path parts. Accordingly, GT combustor for power generation as well as hot gas path parts can be manufactured on one-stop basis with us.

Creativity : Creative Management

Talent that embodies creativity

SUNG-IL TURBINE P&S is endeavoring to research and develop the finest components based on systematic education and training, as well as mutual trust.